The Mountain

GulaGula Kapas Mountain snows all year round. It is very distinctive because the base of the snow-capped mountain is covered with Nepetia plants blanketing the lower area of the mountain with a peachy-pink hue. The tribal village near this mountain believes that the mountain is enchanted and is impossible to enter. Though the Nepetia flowers are strikingly beautiful, the plant contains chemicals that causes confusion, disorienting anyone who gets even the smallest scratch by the plants' thorns.

Snow Bunnies

This giant breed of rabbits is known as GulaGula, of which the mountain is named after. When they are small, they look like hopping balls of cotton candy. The babies have a horrible sense of direction and tend to hop around aimlessly. Because they like to eat Nepetia flowers, sometimes they'd somehow get even more lost and end up near the base of the mountain. Villagers claimed to have spotted them before, but they are difficult to locate because they blend in well with the plants. Their thick long fur allows them to move through the Nepetia bramble without getting stung by the prickly plants.

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